Rise4life: Where parents learn, connect and collaborate to guide their children towards a substance-free lifestyle

Our goals:

1: Learn, trust, and have important talks with your child

 2: End the stigma around drug addiction and prevention. Understand instead of assuming and judging

3: Keep your child safe and connect with them stronger than ever

4: Help your child succeed.  Change the game of parenting  and Raise Happy, Healthy Kids at home and in school.  

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Vision of youth culture: is abstinence becoming the new norm?

About rise4life

Larissa Ignacio & Ineke van der Velden 

Founders Rise4life

Respect, Informed decisions, Strengthening, & Empowerment

Rise4Life's winning formula includes:

  • Respect: Promoting respect for both others and oneself.
  • Informed Decisions: Making smart choices by knowing all the facts.
  • Strengthening: Getting stronger and better at handling tough situations as a parent
  • Empowerment: By understanding what you and your loved ones need, you can make choices that ensure you or they do not become dependent on substances.

Our mission:  a healthy future free from substance abuse. Your family is the foundation of tomorrow. 

We want to help you , one family at a time. Your family matters to us. 

Break the stigma: our podcastserie

Every parent worries about hidden dangers. Listen for true stories, helpful tips, and powerful advice to keep your children safe

Awareness Talks: our events

As a parent, you have a big impact! Join our events to make positive changes at home and school and help your children be happy and healthy.

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We get it, parenting can be tough. If you or someone you care about is having a hard time, needs support, or just wants to learn more, don't worry, we're here to help!

Let's connect 

Every family is unique, every child is special.Know the issues, discuss the solutions!  Let's connect, learn, grow together! 

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We are curious to know how you as parents view the challenges and opportunities our children face.

Your opinion can make a world of difference in how we prepare and support our young people as they grow into adulthood in a world full of temptations.

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